Honeycomb has worked with River Edge ownership to develop an entirely new smart building.

Honeycomb worked directly with building ownership to define building experience and operational protocols, developed budget, and established a master integration plan.

River Edge is a new 155,000 new class AA development in Dallas’ Design District.

Building Experience

  • No-touch access
  • Automated communications
  • Brand defining lighting and air quality/scent
  • Full payment integration with F&B operations
  • Seamless building experience


  • Silver LEED
  • Platinum Wired Score
  • +20% parking ratio increase
  • Enhanced ESG reporting
  • Up to 20% building energy demand reduction

Deployment Features

Single console control of building functions
Location based access control and building trigger functions
Multi-channel communication
Native parking and access control
Amenity management
Resource monitoring – energy, water & gas
Cross-system data analysis
Portfolio level reporting and monitoring
Payment collection